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VIDEO: 5 Sizzling Times Housemates Had Sex On The Big Brother Naija Show

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Housemates in the Big Brother housemates are humans who can also have a hormonal imbalance that could lead to their sexual libido being enhanced.

In fact, for a group of people to stay isolated in an area for three months where hot looking young men and women are existing, it is normal that at a point there will be the urge to want to get in each other’s pants.

It’s exactly the same scenarios that have happened on the Big Brother Naija show. While some feel shy to get sauced by opposite sex due to the presence of cameras, some bully the screens and go ahead to get their sexual satisfaction regardless.

Below are 5 times Big Brother Naija housemates have “f*cked” each other on the show. Read, watch and enjoy.

PS: Make sure you are at a “good” place before you watch.

1. Teddy-A & Bam Bam: This gave a really erotic feeling. It happened in the bathroom and both enjoyed the few minutes of intense fun.


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2. Praise & Ka3na: Although Ka3na called this an “aggressive cuddling” during her post-show interviews, we completely beg to disagree as we found her underwear being sneaked under the duvet with her legs after she got serviced by the ‘brutal’ Praise.


3. Miracle & Nina: Though words had it that these two serviced each other well in the bathroom while on the show, we never really saw those we have near-sex scenes of the two.


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4. Kiddwaya and Erica: Could this be the perfect combo ever to hit the Big Brother Naija show? They were unapologetic about their sexual escapades in the house and even broke some house rules because of it. The HOH room played host to one of their make-out sessions and even the primary oom that contains other housemates.


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5. Ike & Mercy: These two are the Bonny & Clyde of the Big Brother show. They loved each other, they fought, made up and enjoyed some sexual and romantic time together.

Below is a bonus video for you in which Tolani Baj was ‘fingering’ at a cold mid-night.


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